9 kwietnia 2024 r. o godzinie 19:30 odbędzie się seminarium Centrum Badania Ryzyka Systemowego.

Seminarium odbędzie się w sali 2.90 przy ulicy Dobrej 56/66 oraz na platformie Zoom. (Meeting ID: 929 3618 9158, Passcode: 201140).

Referat „Decision-Making Computations in Neuronal Networks” przedstawi Marcin Penconek).

Recent advances in neuroscience provide a new perspective on how categorical decisions are computed in the brain and how the choice circuits performing such computations are organized. This knowledge was instrumental in developing the mechanistic model of the choice circuit based on the recurrent attractor network of binary neurons. The model produced biologically realistic network dynamics and behaviorally realistic predictions. The model was applied in the investigation of the impact of alpha oscillations on the decision process, speed-accuracy tradeoff (SAT), and Weber’s Law. During the seminar, I will present the key results from my doctoral dissertation.