International Open Seminar pt. „How Did Our Ancestors Really Remember? Contemporary Medieval Studies and the Neuroscience of Memory” odbędzie się 13 grudnia o godz. 17.30 w sali konferencyjnej w siedzibie Wydziału przy ul. Dobrej 72.

The aim of this seminar is to elucidate different forms of the social memory practice, that existed in the medieval society. Thus, the seminar seeks to answer a profound question of how the recollected knowledge of the past and the images of the past were conveyed and sustained in the traditional society. By focusing on both verbal, with exclusive emphasis on oral accounts and written texts, as well as non-verbal practices, in particular physical landscape and rituals and other commemorative ceremonies, the seminar contributes to a more nuanced and detailed understanding of the social memory processes in the medieval society. Moreover, the role of social agents, who actually did a memory work, is especially emphasized. Empirical material for the seminar is placed within the theoretical frameworks of scholars who have been exploring memory in terms of society and culture, including especially Maurice Halbwachs, Jan Assmann and Paul Connerton.

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