Gabriela’s work epitomizes interdisciplinary scholarship, bridging cultural studies, history, and sociology, with a concentrated focus on critical animal studies and the environmental humanities. In her doctoral dissertation, she explored the cultural and ideological ramifications of rat control programs. Currently, she is analyzing the transformations in breeding practices in rural Poland prior to 1989. This research aims to elucidate the conceptual and material relationships between animals, politics, agriculture, and modernity.

Gabriela has been recognized as a Fulbright Fellow at Wesleyan University, under the supervision of Professor Kari Weil. She has also been a grantee of the National Science Centre (NCN) and participated in the Seedbox network at Linköping University under the guidance of Professor Cecilia Åsberg. Additionally, she has served as a visiting scholar at the University of California, Santa Cruz, assisting Professor Anna Tsing in her course on “The Anthropocene.” Gabriela is a member of the Animals & Society Institute, the European Society for Environmental History, and the European Association of Critical Animal Studies.

She has disseminated her research through numerous guest talks at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Wesleyan University, and the Rachel Carson Centre, as well as at various international conferences. Her forthcoming book, “Species Cleansing: The Cultural Practice of Rat Control,” is scheduled for publication by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlag, an imprint of BRILL Deutschland, in 2024.


  • Species Cleansing. The Cultural Practice of Rat Control, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlag (Imprint of BRILL Deutschland), Warsaw 2024.
  • „Trade Like Any Other”? The Discourse of Social and Moral Taint in Animal Dirty Work on Example of Rat Extermination, „Society & Animals”, forthcoming.
  • State Capitalism as a Crisis of Imagination. Factory Farms in the Polish People’s Republic in the 1970s, „Praktyka Teoretyczna” 1(51)/2024, 49–70.
  • Species Cleansing. The Rhetoric of Rat Control in the People’s Republic of Poland 1945-1956 [in:] „Beastly Modernisms: Animal Figurations in Modernist Literature and Culture”, ed. Alex Goody, Saskia McCracken, Edinburgh University Press 2023.
  • Four-legged Terror or Ultimate New Yorker? Urban Rat Videos and Their Media Reception, „Society & Animals”, 1/2020, 1–20.
  • Follow the Rat. From Necropolitics to a Theory of Interspecies Cohabitation, „Journal for Critical Animal Studies”, 5/2018, 4–25.
  • Prevention or Poisoning? Dilemmas in Urban Rats Control, „Arcadia: Exploration,  Environmental History”, 24/2017.
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