International Workshop “Theory in Practice. International Workshop for Young Researchers Working in Intercultural Environment”

24th – 28th September 2018, University of Warsaw, Faculty of  “Artes Liberales”, Dobra 72

The project of international workshops assumes strengthening and building the research potential of academic centres involved in its implementation and developing cooperation between individual units of the University of Warsaw as well as foreign universities. The workshop is also a continuation of activities aimed at increasing the potential of young researchers in the humanities, strengthening their intercultural communication skills and integration of university students and PhD students with foreign students.

The project remains the response to the current problems of intercultural relations and opens the field for debate on the role of non-governmental organizations and the university in building and strengthening intercultural relations, as well as the issue of cooperation between the university and other entities.

The lecturers representing UW units and foreign universities were invited to conduct the workshops. Invited representatives of universities have significant academic achievements, didactic experience and are distinguished by their activity on the international arena. The project is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences between lecturers, as well as between academic staff and students.

The workshop is addressed to BA, MA and PhD students of the University of Warsaw representing various research and teaching perspectives as well as scientific fields (anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, history, cultural studies, Slavic studies, sociology). Foreign students who have a research activity significantly beyond the program of studies at their universities have been invited to participate in the project, many of the workshop participants are involved in the work of local research centres and non-governmental organizations.

Program of the workshop

Working language is English.

The number of places is limited. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send your application by September 20th via Google Forms ( The message should specify whether you are interested in participating in the entire program or only in selected meetings.

Financial support: Faculty of  “Artes Liberales” University of Warsaw,  „Artes Liberales Institute” Foundation (FIAL): Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research “Artes Liberales”, Office of the Vice Rector for Research University of Warsaw

The coordinator of the project is Marzena Maciulewicz, MA (e-mail: