The Faculty of “Artes Liberales” is a component of the University of Warsaw that combines educational activity with scholarly research. The concept of liberal arts provides a rationale to our activity – artes liberales, i. e. disciplines considered already in antiquity as worthy of free men. We offer to candidates the possibility of a comprehensive education in the humanities open to other areas of knowledge. We would like our alumni to be independent in their views, to have the courage of expressing their opinion with respect and understanding for other views.

Our Faculty is an exceptional place where the community of teachers, students and all people constituting the University is considered the most important. We ensure excellent conditions of study: classes are small facilitating a close contact with colleagues, as well as with teachers. Additionally, personalized character of studies allows each participant to build his/her own educational model and to develop his/her interests. Students are able to participate in research projects conducted at our Faculty – projects which gained support from the European Union and from prestigious institutions in Poland and abroad. In the ranking of academic units, our Faculty holds in the appropriate group of disciplines, the third rank in Poland, and the first rank from the point of view of implemented research grants.

All our studies are day studies and are offered free of charge.



This unique program was created by three co-operating faculties of the University of Warsaw: Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of “Artes Liberales,ˮ the last one acting as coordinator of studies. The program targets those among you who are interested in complex and multi-dimensional relations between people and (other) animals, in cognitive, practical, and ethical contexts. You will learn a craft, methodologies, and a language which will facilitate understanding of the constantly changing contemporary world, not only in the sense of ideas, intellectual and social tendencies, but also of modern technologies.

Artes liberales

The on-going development of civilization must be reflected in education encompassing many areas of contemporary reality which may be understood using a variety of methods, techniques and interdisciplinary instruments. Innovation and creativity originate from a combination of the canon of classical knowledge and the ability to discern and assess phenomena crucial for our times – in culture, science, business. For that reason, only at the Collegium Artes Liberales, you’ll learn what iPad and Greek sacrificial liver, or prehistoric cave painting and 3D cinema, have in common.

Cultural Studies – Mediterranean Civilization

Cultural Studies – Mediterranean Civilization allow to get acquainted with a broadly understood Mediterranean culture from Antiquity up till our times. An individual curriculum facilitates learning and understanding of culture of a chosen region of the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on current themes and dominant forms of contemporary culture. These are cultural studies that ensure also theoretical basis required for a full understanding of history of culture and arts, philosophy and literature of the Mediterranean World in its historical development and in interdisciplinary dimension.

Modern Greek Philology

Those interested in contemporary Greece and Cyprus, we would like to invite to study Modern Greek Philology – day studies of philology and literature at the Workshop of Hellenic Studies at the Faculty of “Artes Liberalesˮ of the University of Warsaw. Our students not only acquire practical command of Modern Greek language (level B2-C1) and culture but also a wide background of Greek culture (history, literature, mythology, ancient Greek language, history of Byzantium…), and also take advantage of a rich offer of classes organized by cultural studies of Mediterranean Civilization and by the experimental College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).


Transdisciplinary Community Doctoral Studies are organized jointly by our Faculty and by the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw. The studies create conditions allowing doctoral students to conduct individual research under guidance of two tutors, individual research and scholarly co-operation in research teams, and also realize an individual program of studies that includes compulsory and optional courses, as well as professional internships. The program of studies leads the doctoral student to acquisition of solid knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, facilitating interdisciplinary research in co-operation with specialists from other fields; knowledge of terminology and methodology of disciplines; knowledge of didactic methods and modern techniques of conducting classes at university level.

Studia doktoranckie w zakresie nauk humanistycznych

PhD studies in the area of the humanities (cultural studies and literary studies with an opening towards other disciplines) at the Faculty of “Artes Liberalesˮ are the result of a longstanding tradition in our community. For many years now, we have been conducting a comprehensive scholarly activity in the area of the humanities and social sciences, undertaking and successfully implementing experimental initiatives in education and scholarly research. Innovative units and programs combining didactics with research and recognized as successful in Poland and abroad provide a supportive background for the PhD studies.