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Karolina Mroziewicz
Aleksander Sroczyński

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The two-year research project „Rex nunquam moritur”. Comparative Approaches to Political Theologies from the Middle Ages to the Present’ is carried out within the framework of the National Programme for the Development of Humanities (module 2.1). Its main objective is to propose a broad and versatile description of the theme indicated in the title, which eludes a sharp and universally acceptable definition.

The team of fourteen PhD students and recent PhD holders from different academic environments, representing such different fields of humanities as anthropology, philology, history, philosophy and art history, was brought to life in order to analyze different manifestations of political theologies in the pre-modern and contemporary world. The scope of our research extends from the formation and contestation of the political bodies in the early medieval Astur-Leonese monarchy to the wide-ranging picture of political theology in contemporary popular culture.

Following the model established by Ernst Kantorowicz in The King’s Two Bodies (1957) we intend to present a panoramic view of the phenomenon, based on the re-reading of the source materials and with the use of strong methodological foundations which could contribute to today’s debates on the subject in its academic, political and social aspects, both in Poland and abroad.

The results of our work-in-progress will be presented at an international conference, which will be organized at the Faculty of ‘Artes Liberales’, University of Warsaw, in April 2015. The final outcome of the two-year research project will be presented in the form of an English-language publication.