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Monika Stobiecka holds a PhD from the Faculty of „Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, Poland. She received MA in History of Art (specialization: modern art) and MA in Archaeology  (specialization: museum studies and popularization of archaeology) from the University of Warsaw. In 2014 Monika was granted with an award for students given by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education — „Diamond Grant”. Monika collaborated with National Museum in Warsaw, Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Foksal Gallery and Zachęta Polish National Gallery. She was granted scholarships by the Lanckoroński Foundation in 2016 (research at  British Museum and John Soane’s Museum), the Kościuszko Foundation in 2018 (research stay at Stanford Archaeology Center), the Foundation for Polish Science in 2019 (START scholarship for the best young researchers from Poland).

She is interested in museum studies, critical heritage studies, theory and methodology of archaeology and new perspectives in humanities (especially the return to things and the digital turn).



Project “Amplification of Nature” prepared by “Centrala” Architectural Atelier for Venice Architecture Biennale 2018


Project “Kulturowe Studia Krajobrazowe” (Cultural Landscape Studies), Polish National Program for the Development of Humanities, subcontractor in project


Project “Nowoczesne techniki dokumentacji badań archeologicznych. Antyczne miasto Akrai, południowo-wschodnia Sycylia” (New technologies for the documentation of archaeological excavations. Ancient town of Akrai, south-eastern Sicily), Diamond Grant Project, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, main executor of project


Project “Oskar Hansen: otwieranie modernizmu / Oskar Hansen: Opening the Modernism”, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, project assistant

2011– 2018

International Mission in Akrai, Sicily, subcontractor


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  • Stobiecka M., Uncovering the discovered view. The workshop for modern archaeological documentation, w: Unveiling the past of an ancient town. Akrai/Acrea in south-eastern Sicily, red. R. Chowaniec, Warszawa 2015, s. 101-110.
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