Adam Nocek is an Associate Professor in the Philosophy of Technology and Science and Technology Studies in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University. He is the Founding Director of ASU’s Center for Philosophical Technologies, and the editor of Techniques Journal. Nocek is also an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Creighton University School of Medicine.

Nocek recently published Molecular Capture: The Animation of Biology (Minnesota, 2021), and is completing his next monograph, Governmental Design: On Algorithmic Autonomy. Nocek is the co-editor of Design in Crisis: New Worlds, Philosophies and Practices (with Tony Fry), The Lure of Whitehead (with Nick Gaskill), along with several other collections and special issues, including a special issue of Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities titled, “Ontogenesis Beyond Complexity” (with Cary Wolfe).

Nocek is the co-director of the School of Materialist Research and was recently a faculty fellow at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Study. Nocek also held the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Professorship.

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