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Gabriela’s interdisciplinary work, bridging the gap between cultural studies, history and sociology, is focused on critical animal studies and environmental humanities. Her main research interests include rhetoric of environmental conflicts, representations of animals in culture and animals in modernity. She wrote her PhD thesis entitled “Species Cleansing. Rat Eradication as a Cultural Practice” under the supervision of Professor Ewa Domańska and Professor Andrzej Elżanowski. In her current research she examines intersections between animal husbandry, socialism and modernization.

She was a Fulbright Fellow at the Wesleyan University (supervisor: Kari Weil), National Science Centre’s (NCN) grantee and the Seedbox network at the Linköping University grantee (supervisor: Cecilia Ǻsberg) and a short time visiting scholar at the University of California (Santa Cruz), where she assisted prof. Anna Tsing in her course “The Anthropocene”. She is a member of European Association of Critical Animal Studies. She has presented her research in many guest talks (for instance at Stanford University, Wesleyan University and Rachel Carson Centre) as well as international conferences.


  • “Four-legged terror or ultimate New Yorker? Urban rat videos and their media reception”, Society & Animals (forthcoming)
  • “Follow the Rat. From Necropolitics to A Theory of Interspecies Cohabitation”, Journal for Critical Animal Studies, 5(3), 2018, 4-25.
  • „Prevention or poisoning? Dilemmas in urban rats control”, Arcadia: Explorations in Environmental History,
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