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City Internships | International Work Experience – Applications

With the new academic year well underway, I am pleased to announce the launch of the application process for our 2018/19 Study and Intern Abroad Programs.

For this academic year, we’ll be offering Winter, Spring and Summer Programs in 9 locations: *London*, Paris, *New York*, Washington D.C., *Miami*, Chicago, *Los Angeles*, Boston & *San Francisco*.

All of our Programs feature a series of career-readiness classes, workshops and events centered around an internship placement at a leading company in an industry of interest to a student.

Our Programs are open to students from any year and with any major, and they may choose a placement in one of 9 career fields: *Banking & Financial services*; Consulting & Professional services;* Law & Politics*; Technology & Engineering; *Marketing, Advertising & PR*; Media, Entertainment & Journalism; *Art, Fashion & Design*; Start-ups & Entrepreneurship; *Charities, NFPs & NGOs*.

*Students may be directed to apply now at:

For your information, and your students if you could be so kind to share this email with them, I have prepared a Prospectus explaining our Programs and offering: City Internships 2018/19 Prospectus and also a printable Noticeboard Flyer.

Lewis Talbot
Founder & CEO, City Internships


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